Zanah Danae is a freelance editorial and portrait photographer, branding strategist, designer and multi media (hybrid) artist in Austin, Texas. For booking information please email 

zanahddesigns@gmail.com or 512 693 9983



Zanah has worked in web design, graphic design, fashion, editorial and portrait photography since 2006. At the age of 13 she began coding and creating websites and the internet remains a passion since. In 2009 she created the handmade art and fashion brand Neon Heartbreaker and designed through it up until its close in 2016. For the past 5 years she worked as the creative director and co-founder of a bed and breakfast venue in Bandera, Texas, as well as freelancing in art direction, photography, brand strategy, and online content creation for clients in the Austin, Texas area, and the greater Texas hill country area. 

In 2019 she began working and designing in fashion again and sells her work at local Texas markets and through her online store. Outside of her art direction and brand work Zanah has a passion for internet culture, adventure, museums, hiking, vintage books, sushi, and Gene Kelly movies.

She is a proud Austinite artist living in the great weird city of ATX with her Sphynx cat Ramesses and a whole lot of old books.

from the artist


Hire my Imagination

"Since I was a child my entire life has been internal adventures, using my mind and imagination to create a different reality around me. Whenever I began learning about computers at a young age I knew I had found the tool that would eventually allow me to create the world I knew internally- externally.


Now, after 30 years of fine tuning my imagination into a sharp, agile, creative machine; you are hiring a person who is not just fluent in art programs, design, and photography, but in literature, psychology, and marketing and more. 

You have a product or a business, and you need someone to create a story around it... with images, video, social media, etc, to show who you are and what you offer. My work is to help clients who need my ideation and conceptualization skills to be successful in their field. I have worked with multiple types of businesses over the years, and out of challenges come the most interesting results.

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