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Zanah Danae is a hybrid [digital and tactile] artist and visual storyteller with a mastery in photo editing in Adobe Photoshop and a focus in editorial photography. For the past 10 years she has been based in Austin, Texas.


Zanah also specializes in photography and content creation of all types for influencers, brands and businesses. As of 2022 she primarily offers photography, design, branding, videography/video editing, content creation and consulting for brands and businesses.


Zanah proudly comes from multi-generations of artisans on both sides of her family tree. One side of builders and craftsmen and one side of musicians and painters. She always knew from the moment she could remember that she was born to be a creator. Her history as an artist and dreamer began in primary school in which she quickly became the class "storyteller" and "illustrator" finding that she could sell personalized drawings of her friend's Tamagotchi / Furby pets for vending machine money (50 cent portrait = a Twix bar) and learning that her ability to tell a story around a "product" could sell anything at all. Then throughout high school she continued this business model and ran a small art business, creating personalized clay Christmas ornaments for people's pets and children-- with a long line of returning customers. This helped her understand a young age how to maintain and grow a business off of her own merit as an artist. After graduating high school with many art contest and writing medals under her belt she attended college in 2006 dreaming of working in publishing and to study writing and literature. Her lifelong dream, and in study, was to write and design children's books. This led her to a new role in publishing as an art department employee. She spent several years in educational publishing being mentored under an art director as well as educational inventor and publisher Dinah Zike. While writing was her passion, she was able to combine her love of art as well. 

In order to expand her skill set in 2009 Zanah began freelance photography and graphic design, in 2010 she discovered the new medium for marketing: content creation, and in 2013 she began brand management as a secondary business to her publishing career.

A few more milestones were created there after...

✰ In 2010 she began her online e-commerce store and indie fashion brand Neon Heartbreaker, which she still operates to this day.

✰ In 2015 she was brought on as a partner and creative director for Transverto Investments, LLC, a real estate investment/development company.

✰ In 2016 she co-founded and designed the bed and breakfast venue Rhodes Ranch Bandera, which was sold in 2020.

✰ In 2018 she opened her own brand management and content creation studio with several other designers and creators in Austin, Texas.

✰ In 2020 she closed her studio during the pandemic. She began working solo freelance in publishing and as a content creator and brand manager for small business'ssocial media

✰ As of 2022 Zanah works solo in freelance art directing, consulting for brands, brand management, and editorial/portrait photography. For the foreseeable future she is focused on furthering her storytelling and working in social media influencing and content creation. 

All of her life and business experience has led her to become a friend, mentor, teacher and guide to many clients over the past few years and she is eternally grateful for their trust and patronage.

☾ Zanah lives in Austin, Texas with her 10 year old Sphynx cat, Ramesses. She enjoys spending days at the library finding a new favorite author, camping on weekends with her cat in the fall, thrifting and vintage hunting for up cycled treasure, meditating in the forests near her house in the morning, sewing and fashion design, dancing at festivals with glitter and platform sneakerswatching Gene Kelly movies until falling asleep, hot coffee at 6 am on her balcony looking out at the skyscrapers, crying every chance she can at the Austin opera, and spending a night watching a movie marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse.

☾ Zanah is a Leo, an INFP, a Life path 7, and a 6/3 Generator.


Photoshop Expert - Adobe Creative Suite Proficient/Expert - Mixed Media Sculpture - Large Scale Fabrication and Design -Filmmaking - Photography - General Videography - Canon Camera Equipment -  Sony Camera Equipment  - Lighting Installation and Design - Tactile Design - Metal / Wood Fabrication and Production - Large Scale Art Installation - Digital Editing / Photo Manipulation - Wedding Consulting - Product Consulting - Brand Development - Modeling - Product Promotion - Social Media Sponsorships - Modeling for Social Media & Brand Promos, Publishing / Digital Publishing - Educational Product Development - PowerPoint / Keynote Presentation - Graphic Design and Illustration - Web-design, Programming, and Coding html java flash css Blogging - E-Commerce and Online Store Platforms - Fashion Design for Internet Business - Social Networking - Social Media - Construction / Remodeling - Interior Design - External and Internal House Work - Mosaic / Woodworking